From the Creative Solutions and Dusty Chalkboards of Mr. Wendler’s Classroom…

February, 2017

To Dagan Shaw,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you.  We are so glad that we invited you to come to our school (Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School) to teach parkour to our students.  As an instructor, your enthusiasm and positive attitude were infectious. So much so that you had several of the teachers join in with the students. Your workshop provided the students with a unique fitness opportunity that many would never have had the chance to explore.

As for the students, they could barely contain their excitement both coming to the gym, and upon exit. My favourite comment from a student was, “that was the best spent allowance, ever!” What an excellent experience for the children.

So, from the students in my class, and from myself, thank you so much. You have made quite an impression on both the students and the staff. I will make sure to encourage other teachers to take advantage of the opportunity to have you come into their school for a workshop in parkour.

All the best,

Michael Wendler

Grade 5 teacher,

Adrienne Clarkson E.S.

"My son, Henry, has been taking private lessons with ... Urban Gym Coach, Dagan Shaw. I wanted to thank you, first of all, for offering an affordable price for special needs students to take private lessons. It has meant a lot to my son and to our family that he is able to pursue his interest in parkour/free running. I also wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the instruction Henry has received from Dagan Shaw.

From their first meeting, Dagan has been open-minded, enthusiastic, kind and respectful. He is upbeat and positive with Henry, and gently guides him forward, keeping him on track. Dagan is a responsive and flexible instructor, a natural at adapting his teaching plan to suit Henry's needs and abilities. He breaks movements down into small, manageable steps and is able to recognize and celebrate Henry's progress. Dagan is so patient with Henry, and so supportive. I couldn't be more pleased.

When Henry and I walk home from the OGC, he explains to me all the moves he and Dagan have practiced and why they are important. During the week, he watches parkour videos and asks when his next lesson will be. For Christmas, he got $100.00 from his grandmother, and chose to spend it on parkour lessons with Dagan. Thank you to the OGC for supporting and encouraging students with special needs, and to your excellent instructor, Dagan Shaw.