Each class has 8-10 spots available and is 1 hour long. All classes are taught by Dagan Shaw.

Fall 2019 schedule

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Standard Class
  A 12-week session on the foundation techniques. Students will learn vaulting, climbing, flips and rolls. This 12 week session is intended to be repeated by students several times: Your foundations can never be too strong, and advanced modifications are taught for students who have completed basic versions of the moves. These are offered in three age groups, kids (7-12), teen (10-17), and adult (18+).

Advanced Class

For students who have mastered the material in the standard classes, (this takes somewhere between 2 to 6 sessions, usually, so don't be discouraged if a single pass doesn't result in mastery) the advanced class offered a completely different 12-week session on Advanced techniques. While some attention is still payed to the functional chase moves of Parkour, the advanced classes focus mostly on exotic flips and off-axis twists. Practitioners must have completed one session of standard classes, and be able to front flip, and back flip (off a  block or with the aide of a spring board), as well as double kong before enrolling in this class.

Advanced Level 2

For the tippy top of students who have exausted the material in advanced level 1. Invitation only.

Supplemental Class
For students who are already enrolled in either standard or advanced classes, the supplemental class offers an opportunity for the student to pick the moves they want to work on, and train with Dagan's supervision and coaching. Because of the self-directed nature of this class, dedication and motivation are essential. It is intended for those students for whom mastering their moves and challenging themselves is their idea of play-time.

These classes are held at the Ottawa Gymnastics Center. 294 Elmgrove Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1Z 6V1, CA