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What is Freerunning? Is it Parkour? 

Parkour is the martial art of the chase. It was originally developed by a former member of the french military, and then codified and further developed by his son, David Belle. Practitioners learn the fastest and most energy efficient movements and techniques to traverse obstacles, as well as learning to spot the opportunities to use those techniques to leave a pursuer in the dust.

Parkour is often confused with freerunning, which is a sport combining movements from multiple disciplines (gymnastics, parkour, martial-arts, and break-dancing) with the goal of expression and enjoyment through the art of motion. Parkour, technically, is exclusively those movements which are functional. Over the years, however, the two terms have become synonymous for the general public and the majority of practitioners. DShawPK is technically a freerunning school then, since aerobatic flips and other artistic maneuvers are are taught as a supplementation on a strong foundation of parkour.

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